Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Feliz Navidad!

Now that we’re all done opening presents and stuffing our gullets with tons of delicious food, it’s time to be painfully ungrateful and spend the extra cash garnered from returning a multitude of gifts that we didn’t want. Well, for those gamers out there who are wanting to get some newish consoles for a great price, I’d suggest looking no further than GameStop.

For a limited time they’re running a promotion that more or less gives you the gaming starter pack of our dreams.

Okay, I bet that you’re wanting to know what it is right now instead of beating around the bush. So, here we go! As an online exclusive, GameStop is offering all of the current generation systems together in a bundle for $569.98. This bundle includes a Playstation 4, an Xbox One, and a WiiU. The only caveat is that they’re all previously owned.

While the previously owned name might make you nervous, you shouldn’t worry because GameStop is willing to stand by their products. If you get your package and the Playstation doesn’t work, then return it and I’m sure they’d be willing to swap out for another. There’s really no beating this incredible deal. When you really boil it down, you’re paying around $200 bucks per console, which is cheaper than any of them put together. For a more in depth idea you could a preowned Xbox One for $249.99, a Playstation 4 for $319.99 , and a WiiU for $229.99. If you got all of those consoles separately you’d end up paying close to $1000. So why not bite one big bullet and get them all for half the price? Shop smart, not hard.

If this deal entices you, then make sure you put in the word ‘SAVER’ to get free shipping on this great deal.

Christmas isn’t quite over yet, so maybe you can still pencil in that last little gift.

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