We all have that one friend that is a PlayStation Trophy hunter. Well, I’d like to think of myself as that friend. I’m not as big of a Trophy Hunter compared to some massive YouTube channels, but I am one of those people who, if I realise I could quite easily get a platinum for a game I already own, I will go ahead and grind for those final trophies.

I’ve pulled a list together of some of the easiest PlayStation 4 platinum games that are enjoyable to get.

Please note that I do understand that there a lot more titles with easy platinums, but these are just some that I have got and enjoyed doing at the same time!

Coffin Dodgers

Coffin Dodgers is a cool, indie racing game brought to you by Milky Tea, a UK-based Indie Developer studio. The game is, essentially, one of those racer games that were wildly popular back in the days of the Nintendo DS, but Milky Tea have brought a fresh new design to the genre.

In Coffin Dodgers, you pick from a selection of Old-aged pensioners, racing to escape from the Grim Reaper. Your aim to stay out of the final two spots or you will be consumed by Death.

There are many cool features in Coffin Dodgers, such as:

“Road Rash” style player-to-player combat with wacky weapons and geriatric gadgets
and the 2-4 Split-Screen Multiplayer Mode!

Coffin Dodgers features a really easy platinum trophy, and only takes a couple of playthroughs to obtain. You can find the full trophy list here: Coffin Dodgers Trophy List

Need for Speed

Need for Speed was probably the game on this list that I had the most enjoyment playing and receiving the platinum trophy. The game was good and was not just good due to the easily platinum trophy. Need for Speed 2015 has some great graphics, sound, customisation and more. The storyline, at times, was on the verge of bad, but, on the whole, Need for Speed is a great game that happens to have a fairly easy platinum trophy.

You can find the full trophy list here: Need for Speed Trophy List

Hitman GO

Hitman GO is a puzzle game that I absolutely love. I did a full review on it here, and it has a really easy platinum trophy. For more information on the game you can check out the review.

All I have to say about Hitman GO. that I didn’t mention too much in the full review, is that it has a really platinum trophy, that is also really fun to get. If you get stuck on any of the levels, there is always a guide to help you get through it.

You can find the full trophy list here: Hitman GO Trophy List

That’s all I have for this list on easy platinum trophies. I know there are games like “My name is Mayo” and others which are also very easy to platinum, but these are just a couple that I found really fun to grind and get. For more gaming news, reviews, opinions and more, check out some more articles on Irrelevant Gamer.

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