The best part about having a gaming desk with space to spare is that you can add accessories to that will make life easier and help look your already gorgeous desk even better. Here are some cool gaming desk accessories that will help you add more appeal to your desk while also providing useful functions.

Ukko: Charge With Style

Ukko is a premium charging-station that is made for all of your devices it has been designed from its base to be beautiful and to also being able to be used as a display-holder. It is designed and made in South-Tyrol, where craftsmanship has been a long time tradition, Ukko aids you to keep all your cables sorted and is no doubt an important tool for those creative people who obsess over keeping their desks as totally clutter free or as much as possible.

Click Cube Clock

We can get anything back except the time that has passed, it can be said that we are slaves to time, but now you get a say in this too on with these stylish Click Cube Clocks. All you need to do is click your fingers or give your desk a gentle tap and the time will appear. This device is greatly helpful to you if time sometimes distracts you, or you want to avoid your office being illuminated all the time by a constant digital glow.

It is also a very good to have as a bedside table accessory too, for the very same reasons as mentioned. It is constructed using strong ABS plastic and a fine wooden veneer, the display appears for just the right amount of time and it also reviews the date, time and ambient temperature. It also features all of your regular alarm and snooze functions and due to the feature that it is battery powered, it can be placed anywhere you like.

CableDrop Cable Organizers

If you obsess to have a clear desktop and sometimes wish that all of your desktop cords magically become invisible but it doesn’t happen, then the least you can do is at least place them where they belong and won’t bother you and it can be done with these cable holders from Bluelounge. These strong Cabledrop organizers are a really helpful thing to keep your power, Ethernet, firewire, and USB cords all in one place — and prevent them from falling behind your desk — while you are on the go using your laptop, or keep your desk clean while you are working on your trusty desktop.

Satechi USB Portable Air Purifier and Fan

Have a clean environment in your home or office, avoid harmful dust particles or bad smells with the Satechi USB Portable Air Purifier and Fan. Strong, sturdy and easily portable, this gadget also proves to make a very easy-to-carry travel accessory that you can take along with you anywhere and get some instant fresh air whenever you wish. All you will need to do is plug it into a USB port and you get fresh air on the go. Moreover, the front and the back can be pulled to transform the device and make it into a fan whenever required. Whenever you feel really congested and out of air in congested environments, this awesome accessory will be there to provide you with fresh air that you’ll need.

Himalayan Salt Lamp


Because why not! But seriously these lamps are pretty and give an earthy aesthetic to your desk. The Lamp also includes some benefits that can also improve your health, which might come in handy if you are always sitting at your desk (like me!).


This concludes our list of awesome desk accessories let us know what you think about and drop some suggestions of what you also like!

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