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We’ve all been there; a string of amazing games will come out, you’re loving it, you play every available minute  of every day until you just can’t go anymore. So what do you do now? You scroll through your game library, eyes glazed, saying to yourself there’s nothing to play. Many people turn to side hobbies like reading, exercise, etc. But we’re here to game, so here are 5 games to cure your gaming burnout. (no particular order)

5. Rocket League
This game, time and time again, has helped hold me over until that next big title releases. You can hop back in at any time, play a couple of games to shake off the rust and continue where you left off. The best features that help cure your burnout is taking some time to re-customize your car and switching up the game modes. A new car is like a fresh start and can reinvigorate your want to play and show off that new paint job. And if you haven’t already tried it, the basketball mode is astounding! It’s like a whole new game and requires a completely different approach.

4. Shovel Knight
One of the great cures for burnout is a return to old. Well, kind-of old. Shovel Knight is a 16 bit games that combines all the great qualities of old school platforming and graphics with current day puzzle solving and story telling. The game doesn’t require a ton of dedication so it’s easy to hop into and get lost in. One minute you’re focused on beating the game and the next you’re searching every nook and cranny for all of the relics and LOVING IT. Even the small collectible tasks in this game are fun. Now that I think about it, I may start over just to play all of the bosses again…

3. Valiant Hearts – The Great War
It’s once in a blue moon when I give Ubisoft any kind of praise. I mean, even “The Division” still has issues and that was their ace in the hole. But there’s one thing Ubisoft does right, and that is their indie games. You may say it’s not “indie” because it’s from a big name company but it plays like one and is a relatively small game. The story of this game is so absolutely heart wrenching you’ll completely forget you were burnt out on video games in the first place. The game is also filled with historical facts and interesting collectibles aimed toward educating you on World War 1. The puzzles are charming and the game is based off of letters found from the war.

2. Hearthstone
Alright, we’re hopping over to PC/Tablet. Hearthstone is a fantastic past time. If you’re a fan of MTG or strategy games in general, this game will consume you and it’s free to play! Blizzard has absolutely nailed the execution of a digital card game. Every few months there is a new campaign (purchase necessary) to unlock exclusive cards. Winning games gives you in game gold to purchase packs, you have weekly challenge, dailies, the usual Blizzard stuff. There are microtransactions, and for some, this can give you a bad “Pay to Win” taste in your mouth. You can spend money to purchase packs, giving you a higher chance to get rare cards and more cards to break down. But as a casual gamer, you can have a great time playing casual and ranked. Blizzard is even giving card packs as quest rewards now to take away the pay to win feel.

1. Firewatch
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the emotional rollercoaster of a life time. Never have I been so lost in a game where I want to know more, see more, and make myself a part of the story. Forget burnout, forget your bedtime, forget your job; you’re a part of the firewatch now. Firewatch is extremely short, roughly 5 hours, but it is an absolute masterpiece. I guarantee once you finish this game, you’ll be ready to dive into another big story game or lay in your bed and just feel feelings for days. To be blunt, this game will hit you in the feels.

Well that’s our list of games to cure burnout. All of these games are highly addicting and will fill that gaming void you are feeling and get you through. I hope you enjoyed the list, let us know how you cure your game burnout in the comments below!

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