In case you live under a rock, the Overwatch Beta was live last week and has been extended to Tuesday, May 10th. It was open on all platforms and was extended 1 day as a thank you from the Blizzard team. This game was everything we had hoped it would be and more. Blizzard really delivered, as they always do, and we want to point out our top 5 things we loved about the beta.

  1. Character Diversity

    When I say the characters are diverse, I mean each character is on a completely different planet as far as similarities are concerned. No 2 characters play even remotely the same. Each one has a very particular set of skills (insert Taken joke). This is fantastic for playing off of the other players’ choices. Once you get passed newer players choosing only who they want to play or know how to play, you can build very dominate teams when collaborated correctly. Even when playing with only one of your friends, you can do a tank/healer combo or support/dps rush-down to help out the full team.

  2. Game Maps

    Every map in this game is absolutely gorgeous; mostly comprised of large scale cities at different times of day. Each location offers up new tactics to be taken advantage of as the layout greatly varies from map to map. You may be in a very open arena type area attempting to dodge attacks from every conceivable angle or you could be in a walled area with specific access points. You’ll have a fantastic time learning what characters thrive on what maps as you explore each location.

  3. The Loot

    Oh the sweet, sweet loot. It will have you saying “one more game” more times than your mom cares to scold you for. Each time you level up, you’ll receive a loot box filled with at least one rare item. This brings us to item rarity. The item rarity resembles the usual Blizzard rarity scheme (white-uncommon, blue- rare, purple-very rare, yellow-legendary). Each loot box contains any combination of sprays, skins, victory poses, highlight intros, credits or icons. It can be slightly frustrating when you get all sprays but there’s nothing better than getting that legendary skin for your favorite character.

  4. Objectives

    Forget all of the hatred you have for objective play; specifically escort missions. I personally loath escort missions with a passion. But in Overwatch, when you have your team gathered around the vehicle, ready to fend off the enemy with your life, there’s something so satisfying about moving that precious cargo along. Team deathmatch is not in the game but hardly seems necessary. The game is all about working together and the objective based play is the perfect way to unify a team. We may see more game modes in the future, but for now we only have an annex and a couple variations of escort.

  5. The Experience

    It may sound cheesy, but this game is extremely rewarding. Pulling a team of 6 friends together, communicating, dominating, and winning are only a few of the satisfying features of this game. You may say those are things that are basically in all games, but when each teammate has a very specific job and they do it very well, the satisfaction is addicting. Blizzard really pulled the best from MOBA’s and integrated it into a tactical first person masterpiece.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you play this beta before it closes on the 11th. Many of my friends that were skeptical before are absolutely sold now and most have already pre-ordered. This game will rise very quickly to the top of competitive gaming as Blizzard continues to break its way in to e-sports. Once the beta is closed, Overwatch will officially release on May 24, 2016. I hope to see you on the field.


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