If you haven’t been paying attention lately, the PC master race has become a big topic of discussion for the average gamer. The benefits of having a Gaming PC far out way the benefits of console gaming or mobile gaming. There maybe only a few cons to having a Gaming PC but those are minuscule in the grand scheme of things. So the only thing that I feel that is holding the average gamer for taking the plunge is knowledge. So here are 6 things you need to know for buying a gaming PC. It’s not everything you need to know but it will help you out.

Modern Games requires more efficient configurations of your PCs for better performance of the games and the graphics. There are several factors which need to be considered on your gaming PC such as a processor, additional graphic processor, high capacity RAMs, Storage Capacity HDD and many additional gaming accessories such as modern joysticks and 3D sensors.

Let me explain each of those configuration factors one by one:

It plays an important role for  high-end games. The higher the processor configuration you choose higher the performance and support you likely to get. The most competitive processors are manufactured from Intel and AMD.
Intel’s i5,i7 and AMD’s A8, A10 are the top used processors in general which has multi CPUs executing tasks faster. one more thing which matters is the processor clock speed which are available up to 4GHz+.

2.Graphics Cards:
All the games come with a minimum to very high graphics in which the gamer will experience a complete joy if the games graphics are high which provides great visualization. So as a gamer you have to consider the graphic processor configurations. Again Intel, AMD and Nvidia are the popular and best-selling graphic processors.
Among those, Nvidia’s GeForce GTX series such as 980,970 and AMD’s Radeon series R9, R7 are more efficient and top rated graphic processors that you can consider.

3.RAM: Random Access Memory
RAM is temporary storage unit for your PC, the higher the configuration of your processors and graphic processors, the higher the RAM you would have to choose. Higher the RAM you have a lower time of a game hanging and higher time of gaming experience. Nowadays range of 8GB to 16GB RAM can be chosen for the mentioned processor and graphics processors for best performance.

4.Storage Capacity:
The high-end games need lots of installation storage area on your PC, Hence if you are the one who plays a number of games then there may be a chance of running out your hard disk memory. Also Hard-disk comes with different technologies such as magnetic tape HDD or the modern SDD hard-disks which has much faster access speed and size compared to conventional storage disks. you can choose from 1TB to 4TB storage capacity which is more than enough for any sort of high-end games and as well as your moderate personal storage.

5.Gaming Accessories:
Modern games need additional keyboards, advanced mic and joystick for better interface and also employs 3D sensors which accepts your gestures as inputs for your game. Its more used for children games with x boxes.

6.OS: Operating System:
Different gamer has different OS platforms such as Microsoft Windows, MAC etc., One has to upgrade to the latest or more stable OS in order to get better gaming experience.

To conclude, these are only some of the basic things you should know before you go out and buy your PC. So I hope this helps you take that step forward! #PCMasterRace

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