Sony and developer SIE Bend Studio released a new alternative run of the E3 Demo — a run in which was shown at E3 during a behind closed door session — for the upcoming horror/action-adventure game DAYS GONE. The focus for this year’s demo compared to last year’s demo was to show the game’s much immersive and wide build, from the game’s sanctuary home, changing weather effects, night & day elements, and the player’s reaction when it comes to oncoming combat action.

The video features Creative Director of Sony Bend John Gavin and Sam Witwe (Actor who plays Deacon St. John) guiding us through the new run. We’re shown new aspects of the game such as the game’s snow climate and how intense weather can effect things such as the player’s Drifter Bike. The cold climate even makes the Freakers much stronger, also the sound of rain drops brings out more Freakers—especially during night time.

We’re also showcased the game’s Survival Vision, a tool the player can use to focus on the environment around you—this too will help you discover tracks, clues, and resources during your journey. There’s also a bit of information regarding the ability to craft, set trapts, and general dynamic events such as setting up ambushes. See the complete Alternative E3 Demo down below

See the complete Alternative E3 Demo down below:

Days Gone is currently in development and will launch exclusively on PS4—as of now the game is set for an (unofficial) 2018 release.

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