Battlefield 1 has been a huge success for DICE since its launch. The First World War FPS has received praise from players and critics alike, for its bloody yet respectful take on one of the worlds most deadly conflicts. The action is now to be expanded with the impending release of new DLC named They Shall Not Pass.

In an announcement via the games official web page, the new content is set to include four new maps and a new faction, in the shape of the French army who are make their debut in the game.

The exciting new update is part of the Season Pass for Battlefield 1, and along with the new soldiers of the French army in their trademark blue uniforms, comes new weaponry, a new game mode as well as a new class of soldier.

Players will now be able to explore and fight (and quite often die) across four new maps.

  • Verdun Heights- An uphill battle towards the imposing fortresses of Verdun, set among a burning forest.
  • Fort Vaux- An intense close-quarters battle taking place in the tunnels and corridors of the underground fort.
  • Soissons- Set in the beautiful French countryside, this engagement will bring tanks to the fore, as well as the promise of a dramatic thunderstorm.
  • Rupture- A poetic landscape of poppies and rusted wrecks of tanks mask the danger of a battle for key bridges.

These new maps certainly sound amazing, and to bring extra character to the battles comes a new class of soldier known as the Trench Raider. They carry an impressive arsenal of explosives and melee weapons. The Elite Class Trench Raider comes alongside two deadly new tanks, the Char 2C and the enormous St. Chamond, as well as a new stationary weapon similar to the field gun but more powerful, the Siege Howitzer.

The impressive assault tank, the French St. Chamond

A new game mode known as Frontlines comes as part of They Shall Not Pass. It is a mix of the existing modes Conquest and Rush, where the opposing sides battle for control of one flag at a time in what could prove to be extremely fierce and concentrated fighting indeed.

They Shall Not Pass and what has been revealed about its content sounds to be an excellent addition to the already superb FPS title. We will certainly look forward to more information being revealed, including the DLC release date, as we get further into the year. Be sure to check back to Irrelevant Gamer for the latest news.

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