EA have confirmed that the next installment in their first-person shooter series Battlefield 1 will include microtransactions.

I’m aware that mentioning the word ‘microtransactions’ in today’s gaming culture is a punch in the gut for many of us. EA have also stated microtransactions are to be included in an existing DLC plan for Battlefield 1. This confirmation comes from a recent EA earnings call for the fiscal year of 2016/17, where EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed the introduction of multiple monetization options for the new game.

 “In Battlefield 1 you will see both macro-monetization–like maps and large-scale content–as well as micro-monetization opportunities, These will be smaller increments of gameplay. Over time what you’ll see from us is elements of gameplay that allow gamers to engage and expand their experience much the way people do with FIFA Ultimate Team today.”

It’s believed that microtransactions are to be introduced as Battle Packs, which could include; perks, XP, gear, and weapons. In addition, Mr. Wilson was quick to highlight that Battlefield 1 would not fall into a pay-to-win game.

“We never want to be in a place where there’s a belief that we are providing a pay-to-win mechanic inside one of our games.”

Let’s just hope the microtransactions won’t be too inclusive throughout the entire game. Battlefield 1 is set to appear at this year’s E3 event and would launch on Xbox One, Ps4, and PC this October.

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