Ever since the announcement of a crate system and scrapping the EA norm that is “Season Pass” for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront II game—many have been curious just how EA and DICE will be implementing this new reward system into the game.

The Youtube channel BattlefrontUpdates—sponsored by EA—we get our first look at how the game will implement the new crate system. For players who’ve played other competitve MOBA titles or games such as Overwatch, and CSGO—this should look quite familiar as its crate system rewards the player with numerous goodies all throughout.

In the video, we see the player open a handful of crates and get a peek at just some of the many items that’ll come available to the player. Those include; Star Cards, crafting parts and in-game credits—as of now, these are the only crates we’re introduced to, it’s without a doubt that they’ll be premium and perhaps exclusive crates that’ll be riddled with Battlefront goodies.

As with the game’s Star Cards—these come in four different rarities; you have common, uncommon, rare, and legendary—rare Cards have been confirmed to give your character better abilities during battle. With Crafting-Parts, this feature allows you to upgrade your current Star Cards that’ll increase the ability of a Star Card of your chosing—for those that have played the Battlefront 1 this would seem somewhat familiar. An example of this is if you’ve equipped a Star Card that gives you a specific ability to a Sith Lord’s attack, you can use your crafting-parts on that Star Card to increase that attack score even further. Just remember, the higher the rarity of a specific Star Card, the more crafting-parts it’ll take to upgrade it.

See the new video highlighting the game’s Crate System video down below:

Battlefront II launches November 17th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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