EA announced when we’ll finally experience the cockpit of an X-Ying in the upcoming VR Mission and the final DLC for Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif. DICE is set to release both the fourth and final DLC including the long-awaited PSVR Mission on December 6th. Just a reminder that the DLC requires you to be a Season Pass member—not entirely sure who’ll still want to make that $50 payment, however, you still get the chance of solo-purchasing the DLC for $14.99.

Rogue One Scarif DLC will include four new maps all inspired from the new planet that’ll be featured in the film of the same name. Players will also get the chance to play as Jyn Erso and Orso Krennic as new playable characters. We’ll also be getting new multi-stage game modes with both space and ground combat—pretty sweet.

As to get everyone back on the Battlefront wagon, DICE will be giving out a quadruple XP all weekend long, and the chance to play the previous expansions freely until Nov, 20th. So if you’ve never got the chance to blow up the Death Star—now’s the time. Battlefront looks to be coming to its end, and now with a second installment set for Fall 2017, let’s just hope this time around EA and DICE gives the players a much more dedication in fan, play, and content service.

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