In the age of people relying on their astrological signs to know what they should eat for dinner, it’s refreshing to know that some people hold logic near and dear. Not a lot, maybe… 0.8% of the population but who’s counting? But for those special few, if you’re anything like me, you get unending cravings for different types of content. One day your knee’s deep in the Witcher and your friend mentions he’s just resubscribed to WoW and you must play it too! MMO’s are all that matter for the next 3 days until you miss your RPG.

If this is you, this article was written specifically to help satisfy those cravings your personality neeeeds (strategy, pride, and most importantly…winning).

Let’s start the list! (In no particular order)

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Nothing quite scratches the fantasy RPG itch like The Witcher. And I know what you’re probably thinking, “I’ve already played that game, on to number 2.” Do not skip ahead! This game deserves a second play through. I would wager that in your first play through, you did some side quests, enough to get your level up, enjoyed the story, and possibly didn’t even stick around for the DLC.

But then what? There aren’t many 5 star RPG’s to choose from these days. The Witcher 3 play through number two (roughly 1 year later) feels almost as new as my first play through. Do all the side-quests, do all the story and DLC and it will leave you extremely satisfied.

This game is great for creating your own strategies to take down enemies. And it feels so good when you’ve become adept beyond your enemies wildest dreams that nothing can touch you and limbs fall off like butter.


2. Heroes of the Storm

Again, with like any of these game suggestions, i’m assuming you’re just like me. The textbook INTJ. And i’ve given League of Legends, DOTA and Heroes of the Storm all a fair shake and HoTS has always brought me back for a few reasons.

  • Advanced Strategy – Play a character and optimize them to your situation. Use your surroundings, varying environments and objectives to take down your opponents.
  • Your Favorite Blizzard Characters – For me, it can be hard to get into games where I can’t relate to the characters. For example it’s easier to get into Star Wars Online than Terra because I know the characters, the lore, etc. already.
  • The Glorious Kills – It always feels good to kill someone else in a game. That feeling of being better, that quick little insult you throw out as you walk away. I live for it. And for whatever reason, rolling over another team in HoTS is probably one of the most satisfying winning situations I can think of. Even more than Overwatch.
  • It’s Free You Cheap Bastard! – Don’t go out for dinner tonight so you can justify that $10 character you know you need.

3. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

As far as emotions go. I have none. You probably don’t either so it’s cool. But sometimes, on very rare occasions, something will happen in a game that gives me a flicker of a pulse. Phantom Pain has a controversial story. Not all of the die-hard fans loved it , but the reviews are not controversial. This game delivers some of the greatest side story content I have ever experienced. And if that isn’t enough to sell you, here’s a picture of the side-story. You’re welcome.

The game tells you exactly what you’re getting on the front cover “Tactical Espionage”. Very tactical. Once you’ve made it a fair way into the game you have control over everything.

  • Manage Your Base – Extract soldiers from the field to expand and run your base. Think of it as a mini-game except others can invade you and you can invade them. Like Clan Wars on unreal engine.
  • Take Down Entire Bases Your Way – This game does not tell you how to live your life. You are your own boss and do things your way. Annihilate a base with your extreme arsenal and let them know who they’re messing with. Or, get in and out and they have no idea what happened. Create your own strategy, customize your load-out and find D-Dog!

4. World of Warcraft 

(Also Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy Online, Star Wars Online)

This could be multiple MMO’s, but it ultimately comes down to what universe you prefer. WoW is my current interest in the realm of MMO’s so that’s what we’re rolling with. When you get tired of single player land, normally it’s for one major reason; you need to show off how great you are to everyone else. What better way of towering over others than in MMO’s. Imagine… Getting all the best gear, leading a guild, being someone lower levels aspire to be.

Another great benefit of this game is it’s sense of progression. Life is hard, sometimes you have to take a break from the career, relationship, blah. But WoW gives you that sense of working toward something, as dangerous as that may be (goodbye 500 hours of my life.) But you’ll love every second of it.

5. There were a million other games I could have put here so here’s every one and why

Overwatch – Blizzard is an INTJ powerhouse. Strategy shooter. This actually requires skill; you’ll never play traditional shooters again.

Hearthstone – I bet you’ve played Magic the Gathering and now your friends are limited to a couple. INTJ’s are loners. This means noone to play with. Fear not, Hearthstone is a fantastic replacement and you have online matchmaking.

Street Fighter 5 – Beating the sh*t out of someone is as rewarding as you could imagine. Except this fighter can’t be button mashed. Vertical and Horizontal space control are key. It’s like a fast paced game of chess.

The Long Dark – I don’t like going outside, so I do it virtually. The long dark is the best survival game out there (on console) at the moment.

Persona 5 –  This may be a miss. But there’s enough strategy to completely overlook the anime element.

Bloodborne – This is the ultimate test of your patience. Because you have none. But beating this game is one of the most rewarding experiences in gaming. But first, expect to experience anger… in a good way.


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