With E3 only weeks away and games being announced from left to right, we think it’s good to keep things re-ordered and list off the game’s we’re most anticipating for this year. Down below is a complete list of what we think are the Best Upcoming PS4 Games for 2017. The games listed below are set in random order—most of the games listed will also be releasing on the Xbox One and PC.

  1. Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy – Release: June 30th

Revealed during last year E3 Sony Conference—the return of one of PlayStation’s dearest character returns completely remastered. The PS1-era character makes his comeback next month with fully remastered 4K high-resolution Crash Bandicoot 1 -3. Introducing new textures, animation, art, leaderboards and of course adding in a new checkpoint & save system to be consistent with all three games.

2. Tekken 7 – Release: June 2nd

Bandai Namco’s famous 3D fighting game returns with Tekken 7 coming to console next week. The game will introduce new fighters that include: Kazumi Mishima and Kazuta’s mother with wild and heavy-hitting combos. We also see the return of characters from the King of the Iron Fist tournament. And of course one cant forget the intense and devastating ground bounce combos, competitive fighting, and all around tournament for the upcoming game.

3. Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Release: August 22nd

Earlier this year Monolith Productions surprised gamers with the announcement of its upcoming sequel to Shadow of Mordor—a game that received praise reviews for its gameplay style and setting. And from the looks of it, its seems Shadow of War is looking to compete with the success of the first one. Since its revealed, we’ve been introduced to the new Nemesis Fortress, a new tactic that serves as imposing your villain’s domains and weaknesses with your loyal army at your disposal. We also know that the game will begin right after the events of the first game—in canon the game takes place in between The Hobbit and LOTR. However, this is only a tiny mention of what this new game will be introducing—be sure to keep an eye out for this game.

4. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Release: August 22nd

Naughty Dog has mentioned that they’re done with the Nathan Drake storyline, but are still open to introduce new story for already established characters. One character, in particular, they found fit to be re-introduced to the series is Chloe from UC2. Chloe will team up with Nadine Ross from UC4 to help track down an ancient India artifact before ruthless mercenary/pirates get their hands on it first. The game will be launching separately so no need in purchasing Uncharted 4, it’ll also come with the availability to connect online. (Also, you’re not reading wrong, both this game and Shadow of War are launching on the same date)

5. Destiny 2 – Release: September 8th

Following the reveal of Destiny 2, fans of the series can fully calm away any doubt of seeing the second installment come next year—the game launches this upcoming Fall. From what we know the game will take place after the attack on The City, the Vanguard leaders are still fighting the good fight and willing to take the fight the ends of the galaxy. Players await new stories, planets, modes, ships, gear, and all the goods that await you in the unknown regions. Let’s hope Destiny 2 outshines the first one in truly being a new and fresh sequel to an already brilliant first game.

6. Call of Duty: WW2 – Release: November 3rd

It’s no secret that each year we’ll be receiving a brand new Call of Duty title—love it or hate it these games have become a part of today’s gaming culture in their own right. This year’s title takes us back to the series original setting—that of WW2, its title—since its reveal trailer weeks ago many who have left the series long ago are still somewhat skeptical as to what this new iteration of COD will introduce. Bits and pieces of the game have been shown in recent developer diary videos—yet Activision is holding off a full reveal quite possibly until Sony’s E3 Conference. they’reer may be the case, it’s good theyre given the future warfare a rest—well for now that is.

7. Star Wars Battlefront II – Release: November 17th

After the mild-success of the first game, Star Wars Battlefront returns with its sequel that looks to be catering to all the things players pointed out as an issue with the first one. EA and DICE are most anxious introducing more and more of its single-player story mode—from what has been shown the story does seem quite interesting, taking place right after the destruction of the second Death Star in Eps. VI. It’s reveal trailer also let us know that the upcoming games will include battles from all eras of the film’s universe—from the prequel trilogy, all the way till Eps 8 quite possibly. One pretty interesting reveal was that the game will not include a Season Pass—DICE want to focus more on how games of today are inserting much of their support through Leagues, events, Bonux XP dates, similar to what we see on game’s such as Overwatch and Rainbow Six Seige. Still, very much excited and hopeful that this time around we’re given a much better Star Wars experience.

8. Sonic Forces – Release: Q4 2017

A new Sonic game is pretty much a given right about now, however, the upcoming new Sonic Forces game displays a much grand and promising experience as the Hedgehog himself. This time around we’re given the ability to choose and create our own Sonic hero with both a modern and retro look. Beautiful detailed next-gen graphics that sees Sonic fly across the screen through every obstacle. Here’s hoping the game gets only better which each presentation until its release later this year.

9. Far Cry 5 – Release: 2017

By the time of this article, Ubisoft have released brand new teaser trailers revealing the setting for the upcoming Far Cry 5 game. Earlier today the company revealed the game main antagonist and his group of ruthless thugs. Fans have been anxious in returning back to the modern roots in which the series has been known for. This Friday, March 26th, Ubisoft are going to be revealing a full-length trailer—so be on the lookout. We’re still unsure if the game will launch this year or in 2018, here’s hoping for a Fall 2017 release.

10. South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Release: 2017

Oringinally planned for a late 2016 release, Ubisoft are taking no breaks when its comes to the 4 faul mouth kids from the lovely town of South Park. In the upcoming second installment, the boys and girls from the neighborhood stew up their own Marvel-esque cinematic universe with their own lavish and eccentric characters, you’ll also get the chance to create your own reak havoc all across the town pretending that your own solo-movie that ties in with the following isn’t the Iron Man 3 of the bunch. The game plays out at an RPG combat, introducing new features, weapons, combat skills, a much more. We’ll be sure to get more on the game at Ubisoft’s upcoming E3 conference.

11. Friday the 13th: The Game – Release: 2017

The chance to play as one of Horror films greatest slashers is upon us. Gaining a strong support throughout last year, the game will finally see light sometime this year. The game has you playing both the iconic character that is Jason Voorhees and summer camp counselors who’re set to meet their doom. As one of the seven counselor, your job is to escape or simply avoid being killed in a gruesome matter, Jason will be able to teleport around the campgrounds and is able to perform unique moves in which camp counselors are not. Yes, you’re likely to die no matter where you run, however the thought of playing a hopeless and clueless teenager thrills us in wanting to experience the game ourselves. Also the chance to play as Jason himself will of course be the greatest of all treats.

12. Days Gone – Release: 2017 Possibly 

Since its reveal at last year’s E3 conference, Days Gone has not yet been forgotten. Hoping that at this year’s E3 conference we’re given the chance to see more gameplay and perhaps know its official launch date. To refresh your memory, the game is set in an open world post apocalyptic environment where hordes of undead zombies are out to eat you to bits. Freakers—as they’re called in the game—are relentless and looks to throw over and entire structure in order to dissolve you to bits. The game also introduces survival techniques in order your character to equip himself better with the pending doom all around him and the rest of humanity. The game looks very thrilling and we’re hoping the game gets a release of this year.

13. Gran Turismo Sport – Release: 2017

PlayStation’s long-running racing series Gran Turismo returns this year with a new installment that puts its focus in introducing a much broader line of vehicles and realism. For developers and consumers, the racing gaming scene has blossomed in the past 5 years, with games such Driveclub, Forze, Project CARS, F1, The Crew gaining a wide range of loyal followers and with newer installment launching soon, we’ll need to see what new GT Sport can deliver with. Weeks ago the game held its Closed-beta which to everyone surprised received mainly good feedbacks, it looked, sounded and played really well—here’s hoping the Gran Turismo series can still keep with other race titles and take back its mantle as the Best Racing Game.

14. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite – Release: 2017

The time seemed right to introduce a brand new Marvel vs Capcom game, and this year is no exception. The reveal for the upcoming MvsC Infinite has caught the attention of many, but can it hold up with many other great fighting games out there? we’ll need to wait and see when more is revealed. This time around the game has ditched the 3v3 and return to 2v2, even removing assist—a move that as of now has been somewhat controversial. Fans of the series really want the simplicity of the second game, maybe perhaps this is it—many did prefer an HD Remake for MvC2 on current gen consoles, hopefully, this game would be that calling.

15. Kingdom Hearts III – Release: 2017 Possibly

Finally, the one game that would likely never see a release date can perhaps launch this year. Square Enix have been quiet about anything related to KH3—we’ll likely have to stick with more iterations like KH 2.8 unfortunately. Let’s hope that at least something is shown at this year’s E3 event or simply throughout the year—please. Fans have been eagerly waiting fresh new details for the upcoming games and not simply one or two new images that simply makes us go mad on wanting the game now. Here’s hoping for a possibly 2017 release date—or simply a release announcement.

Of course, we left out much more great games launching this year on the PS4. These 15 are the Best Upcoming PS4 Games we so desperately want to play this year. Tells us which game has you excited for the rest of 2017 be that on any console or PC.

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