It may or may not be time for fans of the Bethesda Games franchise, Fallout, to rejoice! After nearly five years the powerhouse gaming company is beginning to release teasers for a new game in the series. While nothing will be confirmed until this time tomorrow, gaming fans can be optimistic that it’ll be something big.

The largely open world and decision making style of the previous games was heralded by gamers every where as one of the best franchises ever. It was a pioneer in the open world RPG category that offered an environment rich with detail and gameplay that made the $60 investment worth it. Not like some games that are all polish and cut scenes without much in the way of gameplay. Games like The Order: 1889 footed that bill.

I’d be interested in seeing how Bethesda handles the new release in the game, despite the fact that when I played Fallout 3 years ago I was too afraid of mutants and giant ants to even leave the comfort of Megaton. But I’m older and wiser now, so I may be able to take an adventure in the next Fallout title. If not I will be more than content to watch someone do a very in detail Let’s Play on the subject.

But I, just like everyone else am going to have to wait for that PSA clock to tick to zero before getting any real information. Until then, let’s be content to throw around wild gaming speculation. It’s the national pastime of the internet after all.

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