Romania-based developer Sand Sailor and publisher Square Enix announced when their new atmospheric puzzle game — Black The Fall — is set for launch. The game takes place within the confines of an oppressed communist regime world, along your path through hidden passages that are dark, fill with the sense of grief, dread, and misery—you befriend an abandoned robot, together you two will try and escape the cruel society they’ve been unfortunately trapped in.

Much of the game’s concept is a way to illustrate and express a rebellion against the mechanisms of a heavily corrupt system, one in which the country of Romania who’ve lived through such oppression can relate to. This game is sort of a telling of what an ideology can withhold among its people.

The game not too long ago changed into a puzzle game which will help to better illustrate much of the game’s inner message with living among a restrictive regime. Here’s a brief statement from the game’s Creative Director at Sand Sailor Studio Cristian Diaconescu:

“We lived in times where there was no freedom of speech, intellectuals were thrown in prisons and tortured, food was subject to rationing, there was no access to contraception. Access to western culture was minimal. It sounds Orwellian, but unfortunately it happened in real life in most of communist countries. And the worst part is that it’s still happening in some parts of the world. Also, as we explored this path we realized that the oppressive mechanics apply to the western world today, where a lot of people feel trapped in conforming with a system they don’t believe in. With Black the Fall, we are offering an alternative course of action, where anyone has the chance to outsmart the system and escape it.”

Check out its new trailer down below and some newly released screenshots down below:

Thankfully, due to the collaboration with Square Enix Collective, the game’s 2015 Kickstarter made its way in raising £28,485—so its release is now among us.

Black The Fall launches July 11th, available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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