What better way to end the week with not just one leak, but THREE leaks. It appears new images for Activision upcoming Call of Duty game might have leaked online. As seen in the images revealed, it looks like Call of Duty is heading back to WWII, something that Activision did mention in a financial report last year, stating they’ll likely take the series “back to its roots”. The images were acquired by Youtuber TheFamilyVideoGamers, who even posted a lengthy video on the matter, asking whether these images are in fact real. Some top Youtubers who base their channel around Call of Duty are confirming the leaked as the actual title and game. See the images leaked below:

Now, our take here at IrrelevantGamer is that it’s highly possible this year’s COD game will be in fact set in WW2, however calling the game Call of Duty WW2 makes us questions if this is, in fact, the actual title name. No word from Activision on this possible leak, with March coming to a close, we’re now only two and half months away from E3, there we’re sure the company will freely announce their upcoming game[s].

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