Anywhere you’ve seen posts or threads on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, you’ve probably seen the relentless hate it’s receiving as gamers are finally voicing their opinion on the futuristic turn CoD has taken. But should Activision/Infinity Ward and its shareholders be surprised? There’s been a great deal of back and forth on whether the CoD developers should continue down the path they are on while gamers are demanding a return to old; many refusing to return to the franchise until then.

The CEO of Activision released a statement to respond to the mass negativity; praising the gamers for their passion but trying to defend the company’s decision on sticking with futuristic warfare. This statement came as an attempt to reassure shareholders everything would be fine as they began to worry about the success of the game.

Although Call of Duty continues to side-step gamers demands by sticking with futuristic play, I think it would be very possible to see a fall in sales but nothing to put the teams or shareholders in any danger. The name holds too much authority in the gaming community and the games will continue to be played. But I expect that these games will easily fall to the wayside as other teams step up to the challenge and give the community what they’re looking for ‘Here’s to you Battlefield 1’.

In Call of Duty’s defense, they are trying to appease their older audiences with the rerelease of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in attempt to win back some players and try out the new stuff. However, it does seem sad that you need to try to piggyback your new game on the shoulders of a giant to sell new product.

While CoD moves forward on the timeline, leave it to the innovators to take a step back and absolutely rock classic warfare with Battlefield 1. If you haven’t already seen the trailer, check it out here and prepare to switch that pre-order money over to Battlefield 1 on your next trip to the store. Every CoD fan that’s been begging for that classic experience is about to get their prayers answered; it’s just ironic it’s coming from a rival developer.

We plan to keep following the launch of both Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, stay tuned for more updates.

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