So, lets address the elephant in the room – well, its an elephant for Overwatch, WoW, Diablo and Hearthstone players. If you don’t regularly play Blizzard games, then I assume this story doesn’t directly apply to you. Regardless, though, it’s still awfully important.

Many of you may be wondering what, exactly, caused the Blizzard outages on Monday, June 21st. I’ll give you 3 guesses…

Wow, first try – a DDoS hacker was to blame for the madness. Now, I know just how UNCOMMON and INSANELY RARE DDoS attacks can be (sarcasm), but this one seemed to cut fairly deep.

Players all around the world were furious, and began vigilantly scouring the internet for answers. The culprit didn’t rear his head until a few hours after the initial “blast”, so the suspense drove gamers (including me) mad.¬†Most likely the worst part of the ordeal was the hacker’s lighthearted response to the commotion. He said, and I quote,

“The fact that you let a couple of pixels affect your entire day is just sad, in a way, I’m doing y’all a favor.”


Touche, AppleJ4ck. Touche. Of course, I’m pretty sure your maniacal plans for the day would’ve been ruined if your computer(s) stopped working – I digress.

Before he made the above statement, however, AppleJ4ck wanted to make sure everyone on Earth knew that he was the mastermind of the event instead of the usual LizardSquad-types.

I’m a little confused by this tweet. On one hand, I wish to commend him on his raw savagery. However, on the other hand; well, I’d like to bash his face in with the other hand.

Anyway – the whole reason why I made this post is to recognize yet another instance of the instability of our online platforms. The fact that some jerk from who-knows-where can just wake up one morning covered in Doritos, turn on his four computers, and decide to ruin millions of gamers’ days is absolutely absurd.

Unfortunately there is only one way for things like this to stop, and it’s for idiots like these to continue to attack networks until the people in charge decide to do something about it.


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