Trailer Hype

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI arrives in stores tomorrow, and with the release of the launch trailer it has fans of the game hitting a frenzy for their chance to sink their teeth in to the hugely popular turn based strategy game.

Fantastic Casting

The trailer features the voice talents of Sean Bean, who also voices your adviser in the game itself. You can’t help but feel however that he is justĀ about to say, “One does not simply walk into Mordor.”

Civilization VI Breaking New Ground

Civilization VI is keeps the hexagonal tiles introduced in the last game, but features a new game engine as well as differences in city building, research and leadership structure of the different civilizations included in the game. If you want to choose the popular Aztec culture you will have to wait though. They are not included in the games standard launch bundle, only to players who pre-order as a bonus for signing up early. They will be made available later in the year as part of some free DLC however.


A Winning Formula

The Civ 6 themeĀ music was written by Christopher Tin, the only composer to ever receive a Grammy Award for a video game soundtrack with “Baba Yetu” the theme music for Civilization 4. As you can hear, it helps add to the feeling of greatness that awaits the player as they journey from stone age to space age, and will no doubt leave us wanting “just one more turn.”

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