MASSIVE news about Destiny “2” and the future of the franchise has dropped only a few hours ago. Sources reporting to  Kotaku have uncovered something huge – the next installment of Bungie’s hit First Person Shooter may be coming to PC gamers.

Now, if you’re not a huge Destiny player (or don’t care about the game at all), then  you may not understand why this information is so fascinating. Ever since Bungie had first announced Destiny, they had expressed their laundry list of concerns about a PC version, and why it was “out of the question”. To see the developer potentially going back on these words, could mean big things for this sequel.

Oh, and speaking of the word “sequel”. Destiny players like myself have grown to love our characters, weapons, and armor. The thought of losing it all is completely unfathomable. Unfortunately, this may just be the case.

The Guardians by JosephBiwald – DeviantArt

Apparently, an employee at Activision leaked information about the satellite studio known as Vicarious Visions, exposing their partnership with Bungie. As YouTuber My name is Byf explains, this company doesn’t handle any sort of creative tasks, only data interpretation, and processing, of sorts. However, the aforementioned employee was able to find documentation stating Destiny 2’s platforms as well as several notes describing the content.

Kotaku found from their source that Destiny and Destiny 2 would have a similar relationship to that of Diablo and Diablo II (The Diablos had the same graphics and UI, but had drastically different content). If this will be true for the Destiny sequel… well, I just don’t how the community would respond to the destruction of the world they knew and loved.

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