Our first (and hopefully legitimate) representation of what may be to come in Bungie’s Destiny “2”. Here is a leaked picture!


DOESN’T THAT LOOK BEAUTIFUL? I mean, I would be stunned if this wasn’t authentic. I mean, look at that glorious shot of the three classes. With their helmets off, it gives the impression that the game will take place in a more domestic and realistic environment, compared to its predecessor. You can see what appears to be a city in the background, and an enemy ship looming above it.


Aside from the specifics of the poster, on the bottom right of it, you can see a single word that isn’t in Spanish. That would be-



Ooooooooooooh maaaaaaaaaaan. Maybe it’s just my inner Bungie fanboy talking, but I am completely prepared to praise any morsel of news we get about Destiny 2 (if that’s what they’re calling it). I can’t wait to see what they have in store for E3! Click here to see a full list of all companies that will be attending E3.


Millennium, out.



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