Okay guys so here is how you get the No time To Explain exotic pulse rifle. But be warned this quest will only trigger if you have done the Paradox in the past and turned in the hidden ghosts to the Future War Cult. If you done the mission yesterday then you will have to wait for the quest to appear. But anyway here are the steps to get The No Time To Explain!


  1.  be a member of Future War Cult(FWC) to participate in this quest.
  2. You will have to donate 50 Motes of light to FWC
  3. You must kill a major or ultra taken Minotaur in order to receive a Simulation Core. This can be done anywhere
  4. dismantle the core and turn it into Lakshmi-2.
  5. Run Through The Vault of Glass and kill Atheon to get “Atheon Eye”
  6.  dismantle the Atheon eye and turn it into FWC once again.
  7. You will get a new mission called The Twilight Gap and you must find a chest
  8. Turn in what you found in the chest to the FWC.
  9. You will get one more mission titled Approach the Black Garden where you will need to kill minotaurs to summon the Groundskeeper and kill him as well. But be sure to keep his anger at 100% so you can kill him. If not he despawns
  10. Once you finish that go back to the FWC and get your new No Time To Explain!

And that’s how you get the No Time To Explain, it’s a little lengthy but it well worth it in the end.


Source: CrimsonBlade104 From Reddit

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