Lord Saladin will be back at the Tower on October 13th for Year Two for the Iron Banner. For Year Two of the Iron Banner will introduce a new measurement system that is not all that different this year.

Below is a brief description from Bungie.net on what to expect for Year Two Iron Banner.

*The tempered buff is now automatically applied and continues to grow in effectiveness each day of the event.

*The alt catch-up buff and Iron Medallion mechanics are unchanged.

*Potential match completion rewards now include both weapons and armor, matching the same items available from Lord Saladin during each event.

*Drop rates have been increased and are intended to be the primary source of rewards from Iron Banner. If you don’t get what you’re hoping for, you have the option to visit Lord Saladin instead.

*Gear purchased from Lord Saladin now requires Legendary Marks instead of Glimmer.

*New emblems have been added to his inventory.

*All new bounties including 9 Daily bounties (3 per day) and 3 new Weekly bounties which reward Legendary Marks.

*Recommended minimum Light for Iron Banner: 230

*Only Level 40 Guardians can lead a Fireteam.

Test yourself on October 13th when Year Two of the Iron Banner comes.

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