Destiny’s The Taken King Expansion has just received a massive update that just might bring enough momentum to lift the sci-fi shooter off the ground again; at least in my opinion.

The Taken King DLC was very fulfilling, at least for a few weeks – it represented what Destiny should have been. A game where there was always something to do, a quest to complete, or more loot to scavenge. However, Bungie hasn’t been able to execute very well, and that is why their game has been failing. It just isn’t enough.

The April Update revives an activity released in a previous expansion; this event would be the Prison of Elders, where players battled their way through four rounds of enemies in various locations, all to fight a final boss for a not-so-grand prize. Gamers who have played Destiny for more than a few months would understand how unappealing this truly was.


The update adds a new enemy to shoot at as well as a set of gear, including the “Dreadfang”, a fresh sword to wield. Or what I like to call the  “catana-thing-that-looks-pretty-cool-but-actually-is-pretty-boring”-fang. I would have also discussed the fact that the quest to get the blade only takes about a half hour to finish, but that would’ve been too long of a title.

Needless to say, I’m not the biggest fan of this weapon, but the update as a whole does give some elements the community has been searching for (or at least what’s left of it).

Mostly, I’m referring to the game’s increased level cap. Since April 12th, all players could now reach light level 335, as opposed to the previous 320. While this may seem daunting, higher level loot drops make it so that you don’t necessarily need to play the game 24/7 in order to participate in its endgame.


If you didn’t know already, King’s Fall, a raid added with the Taken King, now drops 320 gear on normal difficulty, and 335 on hard. This is nice for players like me who never reached the previous cap, so we can get a chance at playing in the revamped (and nearly impossible) Prison of Elders. I only say that because of its complexity. If you want to know more about how it all works, as well as the rest of the new things Destiny now has to offer, just check out this video from a fantastic YouTuber.


So, to wrap things up, Destiny’s April Update adds a bunch of fresh new ingredients into the mix, but primarily delivers on one of the core issues with the game – time. If the grind demands more time than the consumer has, they will refuse to play. These modifications aim to change that.

In other words, you should check it out.

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