If you’re anything like me (a Destiny player with over one thousand hours), then you’ve been swept up into all the chaos and nonsense that came with E3 last week. This isn’t even mentioning Bungie’s announcement of the Rise of Iron, their next massive addition to the world of Destiny. With it comes several new maps, missions, quests, multiplayer modes, sparrows, weapons – the list is practically endless. However, the most notable new weapon being added to the game, is actually an old one; the infamous G-Horn.



When Bungie chose to leave the Gjallarhorn in the past, they were met with great opposition. The community refused to understand that this beautifully over-powered weapon would be cast into the Destiny Hall of Fame forever. Just as we have accepted the Horn’s fate, it has suddenly found new life.


Now, me alongside millions of other Destiny players rejoiced when we heard this news. “Our beloved Gjally is returning!! The prodigal gun!”, we’d shout. Not one of us stopped to ask, “why?” – when I finally did only a few hours ago, I decided to do some research.


“I got a text one night from Chris Barrett.”


Scott Taylor explained at E3. “And he just asked, ‘What do you think if we brought Gjallarhorn back?’”. Taylor responds simply with, “I think people would go crazy”. With these iconic words, Executive Producer Scott Taylor and Game Director Chris Barrett may have either killed their award-winning franchise – or revitalized it.


As I may not have made clear before, the Gjallarhorn was an awfully touchy weapon. It had obscene levels of power, unmatched by any other weapon in the game. You can clearly see why players would want to see this weapon come back, and why some wouldn’t. Sure, they nerfed it a few months before the release of The Taken King DLC – but, nonetheless, its damage output was still remarkable.
Scott continued by explaining how the weapon may play a large part in the Rise of Iron Expansion, and how they expect overwhelmingly positive feedback from not only the re-skinned Gjallarhorn, but the many other pieces of content to be unleashed in September. All I’m saying is that this overpowered rocket launcher was able to discourage a massive amount players from participating in Year 1 (what Bungie calls the year after Destiny’s initial release). Who says it can’t happen again?

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