The Taken King

It maybe too early to even be talking about the next Destiny expansion since the latest expansion pack was released less than a month ago. But since there was a leak of information, I think it should be shared.  This expansion will now allow characters to have 3 subclasses. Each character will have a new super ability, Warlocks will have an electrical storm (arc), Hunters will have a gravity bow (void), and Titans will have a flaming hammer (solar).

If you play Destiny quite often then you’d notice that these abilities revolve around the elements that the characters don’t have as of right now. Just like normal there will be a new addition of maps, strikes, weapons, and gear. Plus there will be a raid (thank God for that) where you will be fighting Oryx, the father of Crota. Apparently he is pissed and looking for revenge, he has a recruited some help from a group called the Taken.

The leak also detailed the price of the expansion which is $40, a very high price for this expansion so i’m thinking there is more to the expansion that has been leaked and we may see some news at E3.

OH… It’s Lit


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