The remastered version of Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot N, Sane trilogy is out now and players of finding out that the Crash Bandicoot in their nostalgia-fueled memory and this remastered version are not exactly the same – it’s much harder. Reviving classics is the latest trend in the game and movie industry but only a few manage to pull it off. The new Crash Bandicoot N, Sane Trilogy does manage to pull off an almost perfect remake of the original games but when making 3 games that were released years after the other with different mechanics, some things are definitely bound to go wrong. This is exactly what happened to Crash Bandicoot N, Sane Trilogy.

Many Gamers have found out the jumping in the PlayStation 4 collection has changed quite a bit especially for the first Crash Bandicoot game. Considering jumping is the main mechanic of the games, it’s easy to understand why some players are having difficulty in getting through the first part.

So What Went Wrong?

For starters, the original Crash Bandicoot game came out in 1996 on the PlayStation 1 which was followed by the second Crash Bandicoot game in 1997 and the third one in 1998. The main point here is that each of these games were made using a different Technology, especially when compared to the first one. The jump mechanics in Crash Bandicoot 1 were simple. You just had to stand and jump but whereas in Crash Bandicoot 3 you had to run to build up momentum for the jump. Though seems like a pretty insignificant detail, when it comes to a game that centered on jumping from one platform to another this is extremely important. When remaking 3 games into one Trilogy, Naughty Dog, the studio behind Crash Bandicoot had to settle on what games mechanics the overall game would follow and going with Crash Bandicoot 3 made the most sense.

Made In The Unity Engine

Crash Bandicoot N, Sane Trilogy has pill shaped collision boxes, which I and many other players have fallen off without knowing why – until now. Crash Bandicoot N, Sane Trilogy is made with the Unity engine with some other engines mixed in as well. Since the boxes are made in the Unity engine rather than directly falling on the boxes and becoming stationery, you will slide of them a bit first even if the plane is flat. So when you’re jumping Crash Bandicoot make sure you have enough landing space when you jump otherwise you’ll just slip off. Naturally considering how the first Crash Bandicoot game already had small boxes this further adds to the difficulty many players are experiencing.

So if you if you find yourself thinking that Crash Bandicoot is a lot harder now than when it was on the PlayStation 1, then don’t worry it’s not just for you – it’s for everyone. Luckily, as you advance through the first part things should become more bearable.


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