Despite Japan and China receiving Digimon World: Next Order on PlayStation Vita last March, the rest of the world won’t be experiencing it on the handheld console.

Instead, the game will be released on PlayStation 4 at the end of the month in Western countries (January 27 in Europe, and January 31 in North America). Though fans are relieved to be receiving the RPG at all, many are disappointed by publisher Bandai Namco’s decision to abandon the PS Vita in the West.

Digimon is a popular franchise, so the fact that the PS Vita won’t be receiving a translated version of Next Order seems odd, considering fans would definitely buy it – especially since Next Order is considered the true successor to the series’ classic and fan favourite, Digimon World.

Mameo ,the protagonist of Digimon World

Mameo as he appears in Digimon World: Next Order

Also, there is already an unused English translation of the game that was intended as an option for the Chinese release on Vita, so translating it from Japanese wouldn’t be a problem.

Some upset Digimon fans took to the Bandai Namco forums in order to petition the company to localise Next Order for PS Vita, with one poster saying: “I was looking forward to Digimon World: Next Order, but was disappointed to see it only announced for PS4. I do have a PS4, but what I don’t have is much time to play at home, which for me makes playing on a handheld such as the PS Vita my preferred option for games.”

A disappointed Digimon fan told Irrelevant Gamer: “The original game was developed with the PS Vita in mind, and I’d rather have experienced officially on the console it was made for.

“A translation exists for this game that is perfectly presentable, yet we who bought PS Vitas to support this franchise have been neglected for no good reason.

“I love the original Digimon World, and in Japan especially it’s considered a founding member of the open world genre. Since Next Order‘s development team is staffed by fans of the original game, I had very high hopes for it. However, unless I buy a PS4 or pirate the game, I won’t be able to play it.”

Though some Digimon lovers are begrudgingly accepting that they won’t be able to play Next Order, others are pirating a hacked version of the game, using the English translation files that are locked within the Chinese release.

It’s unfortunate that upset players are turning to piracy, but with Bandai Namco’s radio silence on the matter, it’s only to be expected that hackers would take matters into their own hands.

Here’s hoping we get a valid explanation for the lack of Western PS Vita localisation in the near future.

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