During Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference, the company revealed new details on its new iteration of VR titles they have lined up—one game, in particular, was Doom VFR. Relive the experience of the recent Doom game in a complete virtual reality—taking control of the unnamed cybernetically enhanced soldier and ripping a whole into hell itself. The developers of id Software want players to experience the game “from an entirely new perspective”.

Wondering what the VFR stands for? most believe it stands for “Virtual Reality” now the F….well you take a guess what it stands for and then put them all together. Check out the new intense gameplay reveal trailer up above. To learn more on the game’s upcoming VR mode, head on over to the game’s official site for more.

Doom VFR as of now has no specific release launch date. We do know however, the game will be coming to the PS VR and Vive platform.

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