With only a month away from one of the biggest gaming events of the year, we now know when you can set your clock to remind yourselves when to tune in for this year’s E3 2017 conferences. Today, Twitter user by the name of Twitterer Cheesemeister—known well for providing much-needed information for events such as this—tweeted out a table chart with each individual time zone letting you know when you should be stuck on your device to catch this year’s conferences live.

Update: The blue table chart is now the official E3 Conference schedule—now that Ubisoft confirmed their appearence.

E3 2017 sure looks to be grand this year’s with tons of reveals of upcoming projects from various studios and publishers. The show starts Saturday June 10th with Electronic Arts, and ending on Tuesday, June 13th with Nintendo. Down below is a breakdown of every publisher/company hosting a conference this year.

Electronic Arts – Saturday, 12pm Pacific Time

Electronic Arts are the first to hold their conference stating the following for their appearance at E3 this year: “With our event opening on Saturday, June 10th, we will be kicking off the weekend with our all-new live broadcast experience starting at 12pm PST, where we’ll be celebrating our players and our biggest games of the year ahead.”. With games like FIFA 18 and Battlefront 2 quite obviously pin for a 2017 release and perhaps games the company are working to bring to the Nintendo Switch. Surely there can be something else in which EA has under their sleeves, perhaps next year’s Battlefield game? (too soon perhaps) or BioWare’s new IP.

Microsoft – Sunday, 2pm Pacific Time

This year without a doubt on everyone’s mind we’ll finally be introduced to Microsoft/Xbox new updated console—the Scorpio. With teases flying here and there, this week we were introduced to the console’s new headset and some new spec information. We could also be seeing new info on games such as Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, and most likely another FPS future game (We’re almost 92.7% sure). Another neat feature possibly presented is more inner-connectivity with Microsoft PC and Consoles.

Bethesda – Sunday, 7pm Pacific Time

For its third year now, Bethesda will hold another conference fill with usually new games and long awaited expansions. Games many assume will be making an appearance is the likelihood of a new Wolfenstein, new Evil Within, Doom expansion, Nintendo Switch title perhaps?—however I’m sticking with something completely new that’s going to blow everyone away—as usual.

Sony – Monday, 6pm Pacific Time

Sony has been the heavy hitter of new titles presented for the past 3 years—and this year if they wish to blow it out of the park with Scorpio possibly being revealed the day before—we’re possibly looking at Sony throwing everything out there. Games most likely on that list are games such as; Spider-Man, Days Gone, God of War, Uncharted DLC, and quite possibly another look at Death Stranding. Just please no so much one the Vita games and more on the indie games that could amaze us with its sheer creativity.

Nintendo – Tuesday, 9am Pacific Time

Finally, Nintendo—with its newly released console only months back, this company can pretty much have it all in the bag and pack it up by simply announcing two things if they wanted—that’s Super Smash Bros. Melee HD Switch Version and a Virtual Console. Now, the liklihood of that happening is very slim, but by God would that settle the deal and everyone would make even harder to get a Switch on retail. Nintendo are slated to reveal more of the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey game and of Splatoon 2—that and among various other titles such as Xenoblade 2. One title many have been speculative is a new Metroid game or Smash Bros.—its very unlikely but we can simply dream. Let’s just hope Nintendo can really deliver—I’m counting on them.

Ubisoft as of yet has announced if they’ll be making any sort of conference this year. The French publisher usually holds its sometimes cringy but lovely conference on the Tuesday in which E3 2017 week is held. As of the time of this article, there has been no word on Ubisoft part.
On a Final yet Important Note:
Starting in 2022, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will begin its conference in April and no longer in June. Would it still be held in the Los Angeles Convention Center? who knows—for a while, there were plans to take the show to Las Vegas where CES is usually held at.
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