The worlds largest convention in honor of computer games is set to take place in less than a weeks time. The E3 conference is the blockbuster event for game developers and console manufacturers, and always holds a few surprises.

This year’s conference is set to be no different. The big clash in the console world between Sony and Microsoft looks set to be the main event. Sony will be unveiling many exciting looking titles for their PlayStation console, whereas Microsoft are set to unveil more information about their “True HD gaming” console, code-named Project Scorpio.

With this titanic show-down set to grab headlines, it is worth noting that another giant of the industry will be looking to also wow fans with what they have in store. Nintendo released their Switch console earlier this year, and E3 will provide them with the perfect platform to show us the direction they will be taking in the next 12 months.

Unlike the powerhouses of the industry, Nintendo will not be holding a stage show. Instead they are opting for Nintendo-Direct style live streams, as well as competitive tournaments to be held from their “Tree House.” Nintendo of America chief, Reggie Fils-Aime has promised a big year for his company at E3, so here is a breakdown of what we can expect to see:

  • Super Mario Odyssey- The latest in the iconic series sees Mario take to the Switch console in a return to an open world 3d adventure. Featuring worlds based on real life locations such as “New Donk City” modeled around New York, and a new ability for the Italian plumber which utilizes his hat as a mobile spring board.
  • ARMS- A 4 player fighting game set for release this summer, ARMS will be part of Nintendo’s live stream and competitive competition this year. Using fully customizable extendable arms, the players will attempt to beat the living daylights out of one another and knock their opponents from the arena. The game will certainly make good use of the Switch’s input method of the Joy-Con controller.
  • Splatoon 2- The sequel to the Wii U game Splatoon, this 3rd person shooter is also set to be part of a Nintendo competition which they will hold at this years E3 conference. Prologue stories known as the Squid Sister Stories have been released on the titles official website, giving us a plot outline for the team based action. Blasting at players and specific objectives using colorful ink cannons may not sound like a big deal, but the multi-player side of the title as well as the fun nature of the graphics will appeal to many fans.
  • Fire Emblem Warriors- The hack-and-slash game which features typically Japanese-style artwork is currently in development with Nintendo and Koei Tecmo Games. Details on this title have been trickling through in the past few weeks, such as a list of some of the playable characters and confirmation of the use of the “weapons triangle,” but little gameplay footage exists. E3 would be the perfect platform to change that.

There are more announcements and teasers that we can hope for from Nintendo at this years E3. Notably anything surrounding the very first console edition of Pokemon, dubbed Pokemon Stars. There will also be hype surrounding the hugely popular 3DS handheld console; games such as Miitopia, a crossover between Tomadachi Life and an RPG, and maybe even a reveal of Mario And Luigi: Superstar Saga which dataminers uncovered information on recently.

Add to this impressive line-up with some surprises, indie titles, and unseen gameplay footage, and Nintendo could be set to have a very successful E3 indeed.

The Nintendo Live Stream kicks off on June 13th 9am PT/12pm ET and can be viewed via Check back to Irrelevant Gamer for further news about this years E3 Conference.

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