As widely promised for the past couple of weeks, EA revealed tons of new content for one of this year’s highly anticipated titles; Star Wars: Battlefront 2. During today’s EA Play Press Conference, the company showcased a new gameplay trailer given us a mere glimpse at characters within the film’s prequel and more recent film era, characters such as Darth Maul, Boba Fett, and Rey. We also got new multiplayer footage for the upcoming game down below of a match being hosted at an EA Play event in Los Angeles.

EA also showed a small look at the game’s single player campaign, with an in-game cutscene which will place the player in the setting of the original Star Wars universe set between Eps VI and VII. Check out its E3 Multiplayer Gameplay trailer down below:

Characters – Season Events – Customization Announced

EA also announced various new details for the upcoming game, one key quote out of all this is EA introducing “more than three times the content of the first game”. The Force Awakens actor John Boyega arrived on stage and presented the character he portrays in the film—Finn—as a confirmed playable character along with Captain Phasma. We were also introduced to a brand new map titled; Crait, a brand new planet that’ll be featured in this year’s Star Wars The Last Jedi film. See the new image down below:

EA also put focus on its post-release content which will include something EA is calling “themed-seasons” along with events. In addition, the game’s post-launch Heroes, Maps and other content will become available free after the game’s initial launch—this is to ensure players hopefully continue to play the game after its release. As with it themed-seasons, this will include events centered around The Last Jedi while future seasons will also keep things fresh with challenges, quests, and more.

New Heroes and characters in the game will come with brand new selections of unique Star Cards, players will also be given the chance to customize their Heroes and classes using different variations of Star Cars such as; Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic—unlocked by solely by completing matches or unlocking them through Crates.

Multiplayer Footage From E3 2017

We’ve also got new multiplayer footage for the online component of Battlefront 2. As leak earlier today, the new demo footage being showcased at E3 is footage of the Naboo, fill with high-impact ground and air battles and lots more. The match taking place in the footage is “Assault on Theed”—in this game, one team—in this case, The Droid Army—need to escort a carrier safely to the other side of the map, while the opposing team—Clone Army—must defend and stop the other team’s progress by any means necessary.

See the gameplay yourself in the video down below, courtesy of Youtuber – XCage

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 launches November 17th, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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