Not long ago from writing this piece, I manage to finally reach Rank 10 on the multiplayer beta for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II game. For those who don’t know, Rank 10 is the maximum level the beta lets anyone reach, which is fair, after that you’re basically left to simply join a match and have a good time, or finish off challenges, unlock more credits to purchase more crates.

However, seeing how the game plays almost similar to the first game, I find the game quite enjoyable as I did the first installment, yes the first game was butchered by fans and critics for its lack of content—which it did—and lets not forget its ridiculous Season Pass, nonetheless, these games have a fun factor of a scale to 9 or 10. Yet with new functionalities to characters and starfighters, newly added features such in the perks and items system make for a great advantage on the battlefield. If one perk or item isn’t to your liking you simply change it to something that you seems fit to your playing style.

But the question in mind is, would this game sum up everything Star Wars related? You have new ships, planets, characters, weapons, items, from all three eras of Star Wars and be sure many more content will be on its way after its release. EA has announced a while back that they’re scrapping the Season Pass method for a more broader approach to introducing new content, this would be similar to what we see in games such as Overwatch, Counter-Strike, Rocket League and tons more. To my guess, Battlefront II will introduce weekly events, free DLCs, early access content, and giveaways perhaps—all that is great, great for the game’s longevity, great for the fans of the series.

So, if this method EA introduces works in the years to come, what’s the need of a third game? there really isn’t one—well there is one, which would be to develop another game and make a profit. DICE could focus more on giving us more story-driven Star Wars games instead, a game perhaps of the point-of-view of a pilot in Rogue Squadron, or a Jedi[s], Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Rebel, pre-The Force Awakens story, pre-Episode I, the Star Wars universe is vast in endless stories which can be made from. We’re getting our first bits of this in Battlefront 2’s story mode which is looking to be fantastic—fingers-crossed. A Star Wars Story game made by DICE on the Frostbite engine would be incredible, to say the least.

I can’t forget to mention that EA is working on a Star Wars game that’ll be based on the perspective of one character, and is said to be an open-world third-person shooter style platform. To see the talent of DICE developers be ravaged away by introducing a third game in the series, of course, it’ll break my heart when its very much possible they can introduce something entirely new to the mix.

It’s 2017, in a couple of weeks Battlefront II launches and the game does look to be a bag of fun. Now, in 2018 DICE would almost surely introduce the new Battlefield game, so we’re left with 2019 or perhaps 2020 to see just what EA and DICE present us in the cycle of games up ahead.

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