Total War is one thing, but this is something much more EPIC

BrilliantGameStudios have been promoting their upcoming new PC simulator—Epic Battle Simulator—somewhat covertly for the past few months and now in 2017 this incredible looking game could finally be coming to our PC monitors. Epic Battle Simulator in hindsight looks like Total War, however, the guys at BrilliantGameStudios pushes its limits 10x over. Let’s take a look first at the game’s trailer, this way we get a sense at what this game will ask from us.

The developers want players to really outlive themselves as the master and commander of a massive army—be that as the leader of the Romans, Medieval knights, Crusaders, WWII soldiers and yes even chickens. Granting you with as much freedom as possible, and with no restrictions on how you’ll be conducting your gamestyle and battle coordinations.

Here’s one the studio’s latest video on their YT channel illustrating how the AI function on its own awareness.

Games with this magnitude does ask for a good CPU performance and for a well running PC, the developer ensures months of hard work has been put on creating quite possibly the most powerful crowd rendering system on its game engine. During the building of this game, the developer also managed to build a dynamic global illumination lighting engine, this would allow for the game to bounce in real time and maintain a slick look all throughout.

As of now, BrilliantGameStudios are on the lookout for a release before Spring time. For more information on Epic Battle Simulator head on over to the game’s Steam and Facebook pages for any new updates. Now below is one of my favorite battles the studios simulated, and that’s of the 300 Spartans against the Persian Army. check it out below:

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