Publisher & Developer Epic Games announced a brand new character that’ll be making an appearance pretty soon for the MOBA game Paragon. Zinx is the name, and she’s filled with wondrous magic which separates her from the rest of the heroes in Paragon—sort of the pinnacle point for these heroes.

Here’s a quick rundown of her featured abilities:

  1. Bad Medicine –  creates an AoE energy field in front of her
  2. Kitty Claws – Increases Zinx’s pistol damage for a short amount of time
  3. Ricochet Stun – A Medium range projectile which can bounce from enemy to enemy—stunning them in the process
  4. Dirty Healing – Gives Zinx a bonus mana regen

See her in action in the newly released announcement trailer down below:

Zinx will become available free next week, July 18th. Paragon is currently in an open-beta stage and is available free-to-download on PS4 and Windows PC.

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