The Elder Scrolls Online update 11 (headlined by the Shadows of the Hist DLC) launches for PS4 and Xbox August 16th, following the release on PC/Mac earlier this month. With it comes yet another slew of worthwhile content, and some that you wish had been around for a lot longer. I’m talking about character re-customization.

That’s right, with the purchase of tokens from the game’s Crown Store, you can now edit virtually every aspect of your characters. So for all of those characters whose height/hair style/body dimensions/racial passives you got wrong and it’s been bugging you forever but they’re too good to delete and remake, your salvation has come. And it is called the Style Parlor.

Another awesome feature is the ability to dye the costumes you’ve acquired. Whether earned by ingame achievement or straight up purchase, you’ll be able to alter the appearance of the game’s many costume skins. This is wonderful and should breathe new life into ESO’s dusty old closet. Many of the costumes are unique and interesting, but not being able to choose the colors you wanted really limited their appeal for weirdo control freaks like myself. I think the community will enjoy this a lot!

For those of you who are less interested in the aesthetic portion of the game, we’ve got gameplay news as well! There will be two brand new four player dungeons added, which will be the first new dungeons in awhile. Oh, and maybe we should save the Argonians being enslaved by the evil Treeminder. I mean, that seems like the heroic thing to do, right?

Various technical updates standard for your MMORPGs are also happening, which you can read about if you’re interested right -here-.

So whether you were looking for an increase to the cap on champion points, console text chat, a new lineup of hairstyles, people to save, or just some new bosses to murder with your friends, this update’s got you covered. So get out there and start adventuring. Tamriel needs you!

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