The Significant Changes Introduced In Street Fighter V


The Street Fighter series is looking better than ever, beautiful actually, and Street Fighter 5 is much different than the fourth installment in the series. Never fear tiny humans, because Street Fighter 5 is still a Street Fighter game at its core, but Capcom has made a ton of changes, that I’ll tell you all about below.


The V-Gauge and EX Meter


The V Gauge fills up when your character takes damage and when you successfully use your character’s V Skill, which we’ll go into more detail later. Your V Gauge levels won’t transfer from one round to the next, so it’s in your best interest to use it strategically, but to definitely use it nonetheless.


Similar to past installments in the franchise, your EX meter powers EX specials and Critical Arts, which is just a fancy name for super moves. Unlike the V Gauge, EX meter progress does carry over to each round.


V Skill Overview

V Skills are unique actions that all characters can perform, and every characters V Skill is different. The V Skills takes the place of the Focus Attacks that we became familiar with in Street Fighter 4.


V Reversals


V Reversals allow the player to break free of block stuns with special moves that halt your adversary’s momentum. Pressing forward while also pressing all of the punch and kicks while blocking allows the player to consume on segment of his or her V Gauge to perform this awesome counter.


V Trigger


V Triggers are super powerful buff that could turn the odds in your favor if you happen to be on the losing side of the battle prior to unleashing your V Trigger. Once you’ve filled your V Gauge, you can press both heavy attacks to launch a character’s V Trigger. Just like V Skills, each character has his or her own type of V Trigger.


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