On March 10th, Fallout 4 had an update which added in some exciting news about the DLC. The update included support for the first DLC, “Automatron”, along with the achievements for it. Also, there has been quite a bit more information on the types of additions that will come with Automatron.

Some players have realized that there are 5 new achievements/trophies that have been added in conjunction with Automatron. These new trophies will not count towards the platinum on PlayStation 4. On Xbox One, some players will have noticed that the Gamerscore has gone up by 100 making it 1,100 Gamerscore available, rather than the previous 1,000. This makes each of the achievements worth 20Gamerscore, each.

The first achievement is called “Restoring Order – Complete “Restoring Order” – 20Gamerscore

Second is “Headhunting – Complete “Headhunting” – 20Gamerscore

Next up is “The Most Toys – Build 10 Robot Mods – 20Gamerscore

The penultimate achievement is “Robot Hunter – Unlock 10 Robot Mods – 20Gamerscore

Finally, “Mechanical Menace – Complete “Mechanical Menace” – 20Gamerscore

The majority of these achievements are gained by completing missions, that come with Automatron, but some of these are just for locating and building some of the items that come with the DLC, as well.

The price for this DLC is yet to be announced, but you can buy the season pass for around $40.00, but you can find it for cheaper if you look around on the internet for a bit. Also, if you buy the season pass, you get all of the content that will soon come to Fallout 4 for no extra cost.

In a trailer dropped today, Bethseda have said that it will come out on March 22nd.

In conclusion, I can’t wait for this DLC and we will, hopefully, have some more news and a review on the DLC soon.

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