E3 2016: Final Fantasy XV

This year’s E3 was no exception when it came to new info on the upcoming new Final Fantasy 15 game

SquareEnix hosted a special stage presentation where FF15’s game director Hajime Tabata show new gameplay and introduced the new “Wait Mode”. This new mode would assist the player to gain a more strategic advantage by pausing the action and marking your opponent, a feature Hajime hopes would give a player not yet familiar with its combat system and easier playstyle. That is just one of many new announcements, gameplay videos, and trailers released on behalf of SquareEnix.

FFXV | Wait Mode
FFXV | E3 Gameplay (Xbox One)

Also in the FFXV presentation, a new gameplay was shown presented by the game’s director himself. This new gameplay demo highlighted many of the advantages and strategic challenges the player will face when taking down colossal giants in the game.

FFXV | Trailer Feat. Music by AfroJack

New cinematic trailer with music covered by Grammy Award winning DJ AfroJack in collaboration with Square Enix. Trailer also showcases the immense battle system of FFXV full frontal.


A new trailer for the tie-in FFXV film KINGSGLAIVE. Set before and during the time of FFXV, this incredible looking film is set to release nationwide on August 19th.

FFXV | VR Experience

During PlayStation’s E3 Conference, the VR console was one of the shows main highlight. With that, came the announcement that FFXV will incorporate some sort of VR gameplay, however, details of this feature have not been confirmed as a DLC or available ‘day one’ of the game’s release.

FFXV | Regalia T-F

A pretty stunning new trailer featuring the flying Regalia Type-F, the vehicle our protagonist travel with was also showcased. This is the second time we see the Regalia take off and this time we see the care further improved, possibly hinting we can upgrade the vehicles outlook and mechanics.

Other FFXV Content From E3:
  • A 24-Minute PS4 gameplay demo with commentary from the game’s director
  • a 13-Minute gameplay demo with commentary from an FFXV Developer
  • A new trailer featuring a first in-depth look at the city of Altissia.
  • A quick look at a Summon Titan – Gaia
  • FFXV Anime series Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV, Episode 2 titled “Dogged Runner”.

Square Enix also announce the Pre-order content A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy. a GameStop only retail exclusive for both Xbox One and PS4. This bonus will contain both an extra plot and gameplay, telling the story 30 years before the events of FFXV, a tale told by King Regis to a young Noctis. Includes a high-paced combat action, devastating magic, mighty summons and unique companion attacks.

A PC version is still under consideration by SquareEnix, however, no new hint at that possibly happening.

Final Fantasy XV launches September 30th, for PS4 and Xbox One.

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