Tribute Games, known for their well-received game Mercenary Kings announced the release date for their upcoming new fast-action platform game; Flinthook. Originally, the game was announced back in March of 2016, and since then has become one of this year’s hottest indy titles to get.

This fast pace action game has you as one the greatest space pirates fighting through various spaceships for treasures, so you may loot and conquer fame all throughout the galaxy. As seen in the trailer below, you’re equipt with your handy hookshot, pistol and slowmo powers, all to get you though the stage.

Here’s an overview released by the developers, along with its newest trailer below:

  • Zip around with your mighty hookshot! Aim freely and toss your giant anchor at golden rings to propel yourself around the levels at high speeds, giving you the agility and swiftness needed to dodge hazards and enemy bullets.
  • Shoot in 360’ through your Blasma Pistol! Take down all sorts of enemies with fresh hot bullets!
  • Look really cool with slow-motion powers! Slow down time to adjust your aim or pull off a tight stunt – do it often, it recharges real quickly and it makes you at least 200% cooler.
  • Blast through randomly-assembled pirate spaceships! Each level is special, as ships are procedurally built from hundreds of hand-crafted rooms, modified by various variants, filled with extraordinary treasure and populated by random waves of enemies.
  • Hunt down the pirate lords of the Cluster Clan! Feed your compass creature to pinpoint the bosses’ location, then take them down and bring your bounty home. Your rivals are no space chumps, make sure you’re ready for the challenge!
  • Collect rare relics and powerful perk cards! All the treasure you loot builds up your legend – unlock new equippable perks as you level up, buy permanent upgrades in the Black Market, and hoard collectible relics and lore pages!
  • Uncover some mysterious secrets?! I don’t know, are there secrets in this game? O_O

Flinthook has yet to receive a price tag, however, we do know it’ll be launching on April 18th, 2017, for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. No word if it’ll be making its way onto the Switch, this seems like a perfect game to be features on that console.

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