Who doesn’t like a good scare? It gets the adrenaline pumping and it gets you ready to see which side of the fight or flight spectrum you fall on. So often people wonder what they would do if they were the ones transplanted into a horror movie. Would you escape or would you find a way to take down the killer? Up until now, you haven’t really been able to know for certain. Would you be able to outwit Freddy Krueger like Nancy? Would you be able to shake off the creepy fisherman like Julie? Would you stumble your way to safety like Alice? Or would you be a fearless ass kicking machine like Sidney?

It’s not even a question, we all want to be Sidney Prescott should some ghost faced killing machine with a strange vendetta comes knocking at your door to kill literally everyone you love.

But that’s neither here nor there. Up until recently, people haven’t had too much of a chance to consider what they’d ‘do’ in those situations. Luckily, video games have begun to give people that chance to scare themselves half to death. Until Dawn did it a few years ago and now we get to go full classic horror with the video game version of Friday the 13th.

That’s right. You’ll have the chance to play as one of many horny camp counselors sent to Camp Crystal Lake in what promises to be a ticket to your own personal Hell park. Sounds fun, right? As a counselor you’ll have the opportunity to fight Jason, which is quite difficult to manage, or you’re able to run away from him like the scared and rational little punk you are. Seriously, who’d actually try to fight Jason? Especially in this game where you seemingly only have access to baseball bats, fire pokers, and occasionally a rifle. All of which only cause him minor inconvenience. You’re much better off trying to grab the car parts and escaping or calling the police.

If playing the victim isn’t your thing, the good news is you’re free to go on a physics-defying murder spree as our favorite murder goalie, Jason. Let me tell you, there’s something truly cathartic about punching the head clean off of the douchebag jock that resembles the guy who used to push you around in high school. As Jason, you have access to a host of mysterious transportation powers that really makes cutting down the youth of tomorrow feel like less of a chore. You’re also able to choose whatever Jason you want to play as ranging from Part 2 all the way to Part 9. Fingers crossed for a Jason X cameo.

During the beta released last year, you were able to see a pretty good amount of gameplay which seemed to be chilling and addictive albeit a bit buggy. But it’s a beta and that happens. All in all, it opened a lot of eyes to a gaming genre that is often left behind or poorly executed. It was totally worth it to suffer through the juvenile banter of beta testers to watch the gameplay on YouTube.

Friday the 13th is due to be released hopefully by the end of the year. Until then feel free to preorder it at F13game.com. With that, I leave you to enjoy the ‘Killer’ trailer from PAX East set to the musical stylings of “Killer” by Crazy Lixx. It’ll show you many of the fun and bloody ways to murderize those meddling kids!

Enjoy and happy killing!

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