It seems like a cruel joke these days as Sony continues to throw low-class games up for free every month as rewards for being a PSN subscriber. Coming from Xbox Live, this is even more frustrating as I’ve been spoiled by the excellent monthly free games Microsoft has given out. Although I could write an entire article about the topic alone, we’re here to find out if Furi was worth your time in July.

Spoiler alert, it was.

Furi really impressed me with quite a few aspects of it’s gameplay, but there was some trouble in paradise. Let’s get this list rollin’.

4 Reasons Furi is Worth Playing

1. It’s Free

I thought hard about making this point a joke, I mean real hard, but it’s still true. If you were fortunate enough to add Furi to your game library so you can play it for free, good on you. Being free, the only thing you’re out is time if you dislike the game. And you’ll find out very quickly if this game is for you. If you didn’t catch this game for free, I strongly suggest you wait until this game at least goes on sale. Furi retails for $25 on the Playstation Store and i’m sorry to say this price is way too high for the product. After finishing and very much enjoying the game, I wouldn’t pay any more than $10.

2. Gameplay

For me, Furi brought a lot of elements together that I love. You find out very quickly that the game is fast and requires an extent of rhythm. You’re faced off against a series of bosses (Shadow of the Colossus style). There are no mobs. Now each boss is his/her own puzzle; utilizing different weapons/methods of attack. I adore games like this. Each boss is a new puzzle to figure out. There’s also some Dark Souls(ish) trial and error/predictability. Once you get knocked down a few times, you begin to read your opponent and overcome. This makes victory all the more sweet. If you hate to fail, this game may not be for you. Furi flaunts it’s difficulty, and although I did not have much trouble, I can see where frustration may ensue for others.

3. Graphics

The game is a pretty (not quite beautiful) cell shaded world. Furi is nice to look at, but the graphics are probably the least polished part of the game. This disappointed me a bit because the combat is spot on. Each battle is as fluid as all get out. But the walking animation for the main character is clunky and collision detection isn’t the best. Although there were these setbacks, the game is by no means ugly. The colors are fantastic and environments won’t fail to please.

4. Replayablity

Furi has multiple endings, all very different from one another. I’m not here to spoil the game for you but after reading about the other endings, I appreciated my own much, much more. So the game is not linear, you are given multiple choices toward the end on how you want to handle your situation. Furi is also relatively short. Playing on the base difficulty, I finished with a little over 2 hours of play time. Even unlocked the “Speedrunner” trophy (*High fives self because girlfriend doesn’t care, ¬†should have been cleaning and the lawn needs mowed and blah*). Also, once you beat the game, you unlock the next difficulty. I didn’t personally give this a try but had I not had other games to get to, I probably would have enjoyed a difficulty spike. I said to myself a few times while playing that I wish the game was a little harder. But the itch can be scratched if you’re left wanting more.

Well that’s it! I hope I’ve helped you out on your game purchasing journey. If there’s a game on PSN you want to play but are unsure about, feel free to drop a comment below or reach out on Facebook!

Final Score
Fast & FunVery ReplayableInteresting StoryFree
Average Graphics
4.4Overall Score
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