Ubisoft’s first launch of the year title For Honor never took off as the company could have wished. The game was heavily criticized due to issues that were crippling player’s interactive online play. Update after update, patch after patch, Ubisoft couldn’t—and still—can’t quite get the issues fix that have been stated by thousands of players, they voiced their frustration with wanting something done on Ubisoft part. Because of this, thousands of players agree on Reddit to boycott the game by participating in a 24-hour “blackout”.

Reddit user Jbaayoun made the suggestion post on the game’s subreddit page, that on April 3rd—today—no one plays or logs into For Honor’s server in protest of Ubisoft handling in lack of communication and player negligence. The response to this protest has stunned the gaming community, Jbaayoun post now sits with 12,600 upvotes—For Reddit, that’s a grand number of votes. Now, the exact confirmed numbers of players not logged into FH is something no one can detect except Ubisoft.

The boycott does not come with any list of demands, the only reason for the protest is to show the community’s reaction to Ubisoft handling in fixing the issues that have plagued the game. The reason are as follows:

Communication: Ubisoft’s lack of communication and vague answers.

Future Plans: Lack of news for future game changes.

Steel: Microtransactions become heavy as players become forced to buy steel. Players feel that a slim amount of steel rewards forces them to purchase emotes and executions.

Matchmaking: Poor matchmaking of players.

ETA: A general idea of when Ubisoft plans on implementing changes to the game.

Ubisoft did, in fact, pushed a patch no too long ago, making minor improvements on the aforementioned issues. One, in particular, was the increasing in steel income from matches by 25%, 12 new outfits, and a reinstated map that had been removed. The company did release an e-mail stating that the changes that were implemented today had nothing to do with the boycott taking place today. Most fans are considering wanting to continue with the blackout after April 3rd in further disagreement.

Most players have already given their own blackout by simply not playing the game long ago. I being one of them do think the Single Player campaign is quite good, the story somewhat bland. Click here to check out our Review, we gave For Honor a 4 out of 5 (4.8)

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