We’ve all had those times where you’ve been playing a game for hours on end, with no luck at improving. We’ve all been in those situations where the games aren’t doing their purpose, instead just making us more and more infuriated. Well, today I’m going to be giving you a list of 3 games to play when you just was to relax.

Note: These are in no particular order!


Unravel is one of the brilliantly cute games. It is a puzzle-based side scroller, where you play as the little cute character called Yarny. Yarny is made out of different pieces of yarn, put together to create a cute little character.

Unravel has some very challenging, yet enjoyable levels. These will be sure to take your mind off the frustrating games that you have previously been playing. The levels go through different stages of a woman’s life, collecting memories as you go. Yarny will often use his yarn to gracefully swing from one place to another.

There are many different types of mechanics that you will pick up along the way. This is sure to keep you interested.

Because there are a few different collectables you could try and get, Unravel has some very good replay value, so it’ll keep you going for as long as you need to before you go back to trying those frustrating games once more.

You can find Unravel here:
PlayStation Store
Xbox One

Emily is Away

Emily is Away is a very good, simplistic game. It is based on a classic chat room on Windows XP. You’re playing as yourself, as you try to work yourself into a better relationship with Emily. You often have to make different decisions that are based off what Emily has said.

What ever your answers are to Emily changes the way she thinks of you. There are many different ways the storyline could go, and it is very rare you will pick the same answers as someone else. The storyline for Emily is Away is known to make some people upset, so consider yourself warned.

How will your relationship with Emily turn out?

You can download Emily is Away for PC here.


We all know Minecraft, don’t we?. You know that game where there is no big, inforced objective, meaning there is no end. That game where the graphics are just a whole load of cubes. Yeah, you know it now. Minecraft is an open world survival game, with another mode that lets your imagination go wild, Creative Mode.

The reason why Minecraft is on this list is because there are an endless number of possibilities. You can build whatever you want to. You can travel to wherever you want to. However, if you play some minigames, such as Survival Games, Minecraft may soon turn frustrating, defeating the object of why you wanted to play it in the first place. If you stick to Survival or Creative Mode, you’ll be fine.

Minecraft also has Multiplayer, so you can collaborate with your friends on some ideas you both have. You can stroll around building things, ultimately to create the best world possible.

You can find Minecraft here:

Xbox One

There is also a version of Minecraft that has been taken on by the famous Telltale Games, Minecraft Story Mode. This games features more of a forced objective, but less creating for your mind to do. You can find the link to the game here:

Xbox One

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