Now that a year has past since the release of the next gen consoles and I have been let down repeatedly by the so called games that were just supposed to be so great I have come to the conclusion that this generation of consoles will be filled with remastered games, we have already had a few and a few more coming soon. But you know what? I would not mind a FEW good remastered games that we haven’t seen in a while. Take note that I said a few not just a remaster right after the other. But I have a feeling that will not be the case, we will see remasters coming out the ass.

Here’s how I came up with this conclusion…….  With the level of disappointment that is being associated with the AAA titles that are being released in todays age, it is leaving a bad taste in developer’s mouth. You know and I that these developers are getting a mouthful from the community with all their necessary and unnecessary complaints. It may seem like the devs aren’t listening, they are, and they have something up their sleeves. Something old,something we’ve seen before but also something fun. Devs will start giving the community something from back in the day that did extremely well and was loved and played non stop. And you can’t forget the financial gains that would come from remastering and re-releasing the same game, it’s a quick buck. It’s already been done last year and it’s already happening this year and it is just the beginning. I guarantee that we won’t just see games from our childhoods but we will also see games from 1-4 years ago.

It will also be a console seller, just imagine if games like Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and Jak were coming to PS4. It would drive sells like crazy and same for the classics if they would be remastered for Xbox one. So When we are at the end of this generation of gaming  it will be filled with developers releasing remastered games and resolution upgrades.

Tell me what you guys think am I right or am I just talking reckless?




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