There was a ton of things to spend in-game currency on in the For Honor beta, and this is especially true in the full game.

You can purchase colors for your hero to brandish; armor pieces, emblems — and the heroes themselves, of course!

But, if you’re anything like me, you have a hankering for some cash (or ‘steel’, as it is referred to) so that you can get the best gear in the game! Well, here’s how…



Yes! I know, this sounds kind of ridiculous, but I am being 100% serious. Ubisoft will award you with a whopping 2000 Steel for completing the tutorial. This, alone, is enough to buy 4 of the 12 heroes.

When you first start up the game, you’ll be immediately faced with the tutorial. Just complete it (it should only take about 5 minutes) and BAM! Free steel!

BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE. The game also offers an “advanced” tutorial after the basic one, providing an additional 1500 Steel!

This can be accessed by selecting “How To Play” on the main menu. It’s slightly more difficult than the basic tutorial, as the name implies, but nothing you can’t handle!

I wish I’d known that there was a point to finishing tutorials in the beta — I would’ve been swimming in money…


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