Kratos New World

Not too long ago we got the world premiere of the new God of War game. Winning countless awards at this past E3 event, God of War is sure to be a PS exclusive knockout. Since then we’ve been slowly getting new information on the upcoming new title. Gaming news site TheKnow had the chance to interview God of War game director Cory Barlog, offering us a lot more details in the game’s new story, survival and fighting mechanic the player will have to get familiar with in the new world Kratos is in.

Here’s a transcribe from the interview:

In the upcoming game, Kratos had sought to get away from the Greek pantheon as much as possible, and ended up in Scandinavia. Barlog states that this God of War will be about Kratos seeking change and moving forward, emphasizing that this is a new start for the tormented character. The fact that Kratos now has a son to look after has also changed his personality, as he must balance which parts of himself to reveal to his child.
Combat has also evolved. Barlog states that he has brought back the core, original team that worked on the first God of War game, and together they discussed how to change the series now. The camera and combat have been redone, but accessibility and ease of control have been kept in mind. Barlog also promises massive boss fights, as the troll in the spectacular E3 trailer was actually an average enemy encounter.
Players will play as Kratos for the entire game, but his son can be directed by the player at certain moments. Barlog also mentioned that there could be 20 to 100 enemies on screen at once, and Kratos’ son is competent enough to take on a few by himself, leaving the player free to take on the tougher ones. Balrog stated that all upgrade systems were being overhauled, and hinted at a crafting mechanic.
There will be no morality system or branching storylines, simply “micro-decisions” on the battlefield. This time, “Kratos is not seeking vengeance, but seems to run across a lot of people who are.” This game, Kratos must teach his son to be a god, but not the kind of god Kratos himself was.

As the months go by, I’m sure more details on the game will be released publically. As of now, we can only wait for what lies in this new world for Kratos and the boy. God of War will be an exclusive PS4 title, and as of now the game does not have a release date listed.


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