Today, I am going to show you how to have tamed Synth Gorillas in your Fallout 4 Settlement. The Synth Gorillas produce both 10 defense and happiness. *MILD SPOILERS AHEAD*

You must have the second Fallout 4 DLC, titled “Wasteland Workshop.”
You must have evacuated the Institute in Father’s terminal before you blow it up. Therefore, you can’t end the game with the Institute.

Firstly, you need to be attacking the Institute with either the Railroad, the Minutemen, or the Brotherhood of Steel. This is because, you can only evacuate the Institute in Father’s terminal if they are being attacked. That brings me on to the next step. Once you have been through the load of enemies, you will be told to go to Father’s terminal. When you have hacked the novice level terminal, you will be able to evacuate the Institute. Doing this, will gain you access the Gorilla cages in your settlement.

However, if you are on PC and you have already done something in your game that will cause you not to be able to have Gorillas, you’re in luck as there is a mod named “Gorillas for all.” This mod basically removes all of the restrictions to getting Gorillas so anyone can have them in their settlement. You can find the link to the mod here: Gorillas For All Mod – Fallout 4

When you are back at your settlement, it is time to build the cages to capture the Gorillas. The cages will set you back 16 Steel, 5 Wild Mutfruit, 4 Gear, and 4 Copper. The cage acts like every other cage that comes with the DLC: It requires power to catch the Gorillas, the Gorillas are released when the power is turned off. Because the cages don’t use up any power, they just need to be attached to a generator. This means that a small generator can power as many cages as you like. Unlike most animals, the Gorillas are already tamed when you take them out of the cage.

And there you have it! You can have as many Gorillas as you like running around your settlement, each giving you 10 defense and boosting your settlers happiness. That’s all for now, but stay tuned on Irrelevant Gamer for more news, reviews, opinions, and more!

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