It’s no surprise that the release of Gran Turismo Sport has gotten international praise from game critics and fans of driving games in general. The release of the game midst the series 20th Anniversary and its almost 6-year hiatus has pumped fans to once again experienced a true driving emulation. However, its blossoming future could contain cracks along the way due to one key feature the game implements.

As with many titles nowadays, players who want to receive the full experience of any game needs online connectivity, something in which GT Sport demands if you plan to keep all your savings and progression in order. The game is reportedly heavily reliant on internet connection—not even saving your progress unless you maintain some sort of—you got it—online connection.

Although this shouldn’t be much of a surprise, much of all this was announced before its launch, but has been shocking to most due to the extent of what you’re excluded of. According to the site Ars Technica, the only thing you’re given access to is Arcade Mode, it does allow you to play with cars and tracks you’ve unlocked online—so in retrospect, you can only play single races and time trials without the benefit of any progression.

You also would need online connectivity to play the game’s campaign mode, level progression and obtaining credits which play a huge factor in the game. You’re also excluded from viewing or buying vehicles, edit liveries or take photos of them offline.

It’s so bizarre how one game excludes the player for not maintaining an online connection, you hope you’re free to explore and experience the whole of the game without some set back. It’s one aspect in games nowadays that’s creating friction with gamers all around, you buy a game full price, yet you only get the experience half the game.

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