So with the House Of Wolves around the corner it seems like now Destiny will be finally getting the features that it should have had on release day!!

One of the biggest thing has been desperately needed was the ability to exchange materials which has now been added to the game. You can head over to the Speaker and do a one-for-one type trade, like a shard for energy or vice versa. You can also trade materials in for 250 glimmer and two shards for a mote of light.

This will help me out and I know quite a few other Destiny players, because I have been stuck on level 32 for a long time, so long that I haven’t even played the game because it was getting frustrating not getting any radiant shards from the raid.

Another new addition will be the ability to upgrade old weapons d! This is great since you won’t have to get rid of your old gear and weapons that won’t be effective anymore when new DLC arrives. Lord knows I love some of my old legendary guns and I can’t just get rid of them like that.

Also the reef will finally be available to players as a social, like a second tower. I knew this would happen when I played the lack luster story mode and I visited the reef.

With no new raid they added The Trials of Osiris and the Prison of Elder, which sound like two new great modes.

So what do you guys think? will this bring you guys back on Destiny since the game has been scarce on content for over 3 months? I know i’ll be back, join me!!


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